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April 18th, 2016 Comments off

Apr 18/19 – Heat Transfer reflection (in notebook)

Apr 19/20/21 (Tues/Wed/Thurs) – Introduction to TRUTH unit





Truth: Glossary of Terms

WHAT HAPPENED TO NELSON? – Story and Persons of Interest interview

CSI: Final Write up and Presentation Details and Due dates

Crime Scene Investigation Report and Presentation Details           Crime Scene Investigation Report and Presentation Details (1)

Motion Calculation

Impression Evidence 101 – Footprints

Fingerprint Basics

Hair and Fiber Analysis

Blood Analysis

Final Conclusion: ‘What Happened to Nelson’

Part 1: Writeup – May 23/24

Part2: Presentation- May 31-Jun2


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Heat Transfer notes – Conduction, Convection , Radiation

March 23rd, 2016 Comments off

Schedule for Heat transfer Quiz and Performance task

April 7 Thurs (AC), April 8 Fri (EGH) — Heat transfer QUIZ

April 12 Tues(A), April 13 Wed (CE), April 14 Thurs (GH) — Heat Transfer Performance Task

Review the following:


Textbook: Motion, Forces, and Energy  pp. 166-193

What’s the difference between Heat and Temperature

Debriefing Heat Vs Temperature stations

Notes for Heat Transfer – Conduction and Convection

Notes for Radiation

Conduction, Convection, Radiation Song  YouTube Preview Image

Heat Transfer notes

Brainpop – Radiation (Electromagnetic spectrum)

Brainpop – Temperature

Brainpop – Heat

Heat Transfer Assessment Practice

Heat Transfer Assessment Practice Answer key

This ‘Find someone who..’  is found on the 2nd to the last slide in the Notes on Radiation

Find someone who…


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March 11th, 2016 Comments off

May 7 – May 11  HEAT TRANSFER

Introduction to Student Led Conference (Includes the list of activities to choose from, Dialogue Template, and Reflection sheet)   When: Mar 16 (Wed)

HW : 1.) Anticipation Guide DUE: Mar 9/10 AC, Mar 10/11 EGH

2.) SLC Reflection guide Part 2 & 3 and Dialogue  DUE: Mar 10/11

Heat Vs Temperature Stations  Investigation— 2 days to work on this Mar 8/10 A,     Mar 9/10 CE, Mar 9/11 EGH


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Performance Task- Mystery Liquid (Density, Volume)

March 1st, 2016 Comments off

You are given 2 days to finish it (Mar 1st Block A) (Mar2 – CE) (Mar3- GH)

Performance task Rubric

Review materials:

Density On-line quiz answers

Displacement/ Volume of an Irregular object song

Click here for Resource List from MSMC

Meniscus Song

Density Song

Regular Solid Objects Song

Other Review Materials:

1) Density of Cylinder Discussion Questions on Classroom (with answers on slideshow in Google drive shared docs folder)

2) Density Notes and Interaction (slideshow) in shared docs folder

3) Displacement / Volume of an Irregular object notes 


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Interaction: Particle Models & Density

January 12th, 2016 Comments off


Click here for Resource List from MSMC

Meniscus Song

Density Song

Regular Solid Objects Song

Other Review Materials:

1) Density of Cylinder Discussion Questions on Classroom (with answers on slideshow in Google drive shared docs folder)

2) Density Notes and Interaction (slideshow) in shared docs folder

3) Click on the picture to start your review for the quiz with “Find Someone Who”. The answers are the orange picture below (don’t look at those until you try answer the questions on your own first!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.57.47 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.22.59 PM

Homework (from class on Feb 4/5): Answer “Big Idea” in Google Classroom for Density of Cylinders Activity  DUE Fri, 5th for G,H DUE Tue, 9th for A DUE Wed, 10th for C, E

Homework (from class on Jan 28/29): none (just be reviewing notes)

Homework (from class on Jan 26/27):  1) Finish Oil, Water, Alcohol line graph (see checklist below)- Due start of next class

2) Write response to Google Classroom question –Due start of next class (**H Block does not have this as HW)

Homework (from class on Jan 15/18): Work on particle model and explanation for Drops on a Coin (in Google Classroom). You will have about 25 minutes to finish it during next class so you don’t need to finish it for homework.  (Due Tue,19th for Blk A,G,H///  Due Wed, 20th Blk C,E)  


Homework (from class on Jan 12/13): Revise particle model and explanation  (Due Thur,14th for Blk A,C,G,H  Due Fri, 15th Blk E)

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.46.34 PM



Your model diagrams must include (check-list):

    • The drawing
      1. simple (2D), clear lines
      2. A key and/or labels
      3. A descriptive title
        1. Ex) The Relationship Between the Particle Representation and Various Observations of Oil, Water, and Alcohol When Mixed in a Graduated Cylinder
      4. Optional- color coding, additional “zoom-in”, before/after
    • An explanation (how the drawing relates to your observations)
      1. picture and words should match
      2. Ex) I drew the __(ex-oil)___ particles ___(ex- bigger)__ (describe how you drew the particle: size/shape/#/spacing/ movement) to explain my observation that __(ex) oil stays separate when the liquids get shaken up__ (describe observation) because ____(ex- bigger particles can’t fit into smaller spaces)______(explain reasoning).

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.07.13 AM


Sentence Frames for Revising Models:

If Add to the Model:

  • We added (describe what you added) because (evidence from activity, reading, discussions, or other groups’ hypotheses).
  • We think _____________________ supports our model, but it also tells us that _______________ should be added to make it even more accurate.

If Revise the Model:

  • We changed (description of what  you changed) because (evidence from activity, reading, discussion with other groups).
  • We used to think _____________________, but now we think _____________________, because ____________________.
  • We think __________________________ contradicts ______________________ in our original model because ______________________________________.


  • We are wondering about (part of model) because ____________________________________________.
  • We think that if we knew ______________________________, it would help us explain ______________________________.
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Motion and Forces Unit

November 10th, 2015 Comments off

Homework for Thur/Fri Nov 26/27:

1) Prepare for individual write-up (in class) of design plan for Burning Rubber(bands) PT  (study relationship between mass, force, and change in motion)

Tues, Dec 1st G/H/A

-Wed, Dec 2nd C/E

2) Optional: bring additional materials for Burning Rubber(bands) PT for next class (Fri = G/H, Tues = A, Wed = C,E)

3) Optional: fill out Science Reassessment Plan (shared folder in Google drive) for retakes of a) Mass Speed Racer Graph b) Water Balloon Rocket Quiz  (please come to tutorial for feedback/help filling out form but get a study plan in place (box 4 on Reassessment plan) ASAP)


Homework for Mon/Tues Nov 23/24:

1) study for quiz (see details below)

2) bring beverage container/lid for Thursday


Homework for Thur/Fri Nov 19/20:

1) Quiz on Motion and Forces Tue, Nov 24 (A,G,H blk) or Wed, Nov 25 (C, E blk)  ****SEE RESOURCES AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST***

2) Finish “Mass Speed Racer Mass” (submit in Google Classroom ASAP (Friday, 20th if possible, otherwise by Monday, 23rd = E blk// Tue 24th  = G,H,A blk // Wed 25th = C blk)

Graph DUE Friday for Blk E,G,H DUE Monday for Blk A,C   ** SCROLL DOWN TO SEE CHECKLIST FOR GRAPH


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.02.44 AM

Homework for Friday, Nov 13:

Quiz on Motion and Forces Tue, Nov 24 (A,G,H blk) or Wed, Nov 25 (C, E blk)

Edit answers for “Force Speed Racer Force” and submit ASAP.

Homework on Thur, Nov 12

Finish “Force Speed Racer Force” (submit in Google Classroom)

– calculate change in motion for each trial

-make graph with line for 5N data and line for 10N data (example in shared folder of Google Drive)

-answer conclusion questions
DUE Fri, Nov 13 for E,G,H              DUE Mon, Nov 16 A,C

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.26.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.48.03 AM


We are starting our second unit of the year! We will be studying forces and changes in motion.  Our focus will be on how we can use innovation to control changes in motion.

Here is the textbook for this unit, which you can get from the 4th floor textbook center (by IT).

motion forces energy bookTitle: Motion, Forces, and Energy by Prentice Hall (Science Explorer series)



1.5 minutes

6 min ( bigger mass)

4 min (bigger force)/NFL  ***when they use the word “impulse”, just think “force”

10.5 min Soaring into Science (measuring speed)

4 min Bill Nye (only 1st law)


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Mass vs. Weight Exploration

November 3rd, 2015 Comments off

Homework Guideline:

1) Finish Summary/Optional Analysis for Mass vs. Weight Investigation (in Google Classroom- you do NOT need to “submit” or “turn in”)

2) “Measuring Our Force on Different Worlds”(in Google Classroom- “Submit” or “Turn in” before class starts)

DUE Thur, Nov 5 for A,C,G,H  

DUE Fri, Nov 6 for E

Here are some fun  websites you can explore:

1) Brainpop–> “Gravity”    username and password: ismanila

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.12.01 AM

3) (Galileo’s famous ball vs feather experiment)
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Natural Selection

September 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Interesting article: How Giraffes Became Winners by a Neck

A cool 3D computer simulation for natural selection:


REASSESSMENT FOR ANIMAL ASSESSMENT.  Tutorials, Thursday,Oct 22nd.  Must fill out Reassessment Plan (which involves seeing Ms. Cook outside of class) and get teachers signature by Tuesday, Oct 20th.  


1) Students will work in a group to make a simulation to model natural selection.  Students will need to bring in materials.

2) Students will individually write-up an explanation for how their simulation shows the four feature of natural selection (Variation, Selection, Inheritance, Time.)  Students should be working on a rough draft for homework.

Individual Write-up in class A,C= Thur, Oct 15        E,G,H= Fri, Oct 16


Natural Selection Assessment (choose an animal from a list and use knowledge of natural selection to explain why modern day species of that animal all have a particular trait) Scroll down for resources at the bottom of this blog

A= Tue, Sept 29        C, E= Wed, Sept 30        G,H = Thur, Oct 1

Retake for vocab quiz will be during tutorials on Thur, Oct 1st.  You must fill out the Science Reassessment plan (in the shared doc folder on google drive) and get approved to do the retake by Tues, Sept 29.

Homework: Finish TMND graph (on computer). Make sure the document is in your personal science folder.

DUE Mon, 21 (A,C,E) & Tue, 22 (G,H)

Homework: actively review notes/activities (flashcards, quizlet, draw pictures of vocab, make up a song)  Scroll down for resources at the bottom of this blog

VOCAB QUIZ       A, C = 10th         E, G & H = 11th 

NEW DATES for QUIZ  A, G, H = Tue, 15th  C &E = Mon, 14th  

Homework: Oh Deer Main Idea with Support (Google Classroom)

DUE: A = 1st;        C = 2nd;     G & H = 3rd;         E = 4th  


Homework: SOTB Main Idea with Support (Google Classroom)

DUE: A = 25th;        C = 26th;     E, G & H = 28th 

Homework: Final draft with revisions for graph by hand and SOTB Simulation Doc (Google Classroom).

DUE: A & C blk= 24th; E blk = 26th; G&H blk = 27th 

Homework: Finish all parts of SOTB Simulation Doc (Google Classroom). Resources: Rules are in the shared folder.  Graphs are on Class Data Table google sheet in the shared folder on Google Drive.

DUE: A & C blk= 20th; E blk = 24th; G&H blk = 25th 

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.55.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.54.24 AM


Homework: Finish graph in notebook for one island of your choice (data is in the shared folder on Google Drive).

DUE: A blk= 18th; C& E blk = 19th; G,&H blk = 20th 

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.52.20 AM


list of resources in the MSMC:

Here are the VOCABULARY TERMS you will want to know for our first unit on Natural Selection.  Quarter 1 Vocab

An interesting article about the truth of “Darwin’s Finches”

Here is the quizlet to practice the vocab:

Some really good videos:

Brainpop “Natural Selection” username and password: ismanila   **we will wathc the video in class but on your own, be sure to check out the make-a-map, activities, FYI, and Q & A sections**

What is Natural Selection?  (start at 2 min)

Vlog brothers crash course:

Ocean adaptations:

weird underwater (darkness)

cave creatures (good!)

Here are a couple of youtube cartoons about giraffes:



YouTube Preview Image

Game #1: Here is the “Bunnies Take over the World” computer simulation.

Here is a guide with questions to help you know what to do.  (Basically, click on “Run Now” to play.  Start by adding a friend and then you can add a mutation, change the environment, and have fun!)

Here are some questions- see if you can answer them after doing the simulation: Bunny Survival Game Questions(powerpoint)

Game #2 Here is a survival game and tutorial about natural selection.

Click on the picture or the following link:

beak tree


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Open House Information

September 1st, 2015 Comments off

Here is the presentation from Open House in case you weren’t able to make it our would just like to look at it again.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Download (PPTX, 1.77MB)

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Welcome to Grade 7 Science!

August 4th, 2015 Comments off

Welcome back everyone!  My name is Mrs. Cook and I’ll be your science teacher this year. Below are a few pictures of me and my family, as well as some information about me.


(Yikes! I know it seems like we are getting an early start, but this is easy!)

Please take some time to go over the Class Expectations Handout with your parent or guardian and then fill out the Google Form (which was also sent to your email) .  DUE by Friday, August 21st.


About Mrs. Cook


Tommy Haircut Pic

I’m from Colorado and love skiing, hiking, and scuba diving (though that last one is a bit hard in Colorado…which is one reason why I love the Philippines so much!)

I also LOVE  to read so PLEASE give me recommendations!

I’ve been here at ISM for 6 years now and have taught at international schools in Japan and Honduras.

I have a 22 month old baby boy name Tommy and my husband teaches English in the high school.

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you this school year.


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