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Heat Transfer notes – Conduction, Convection , Radiation

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Schedule for Heat transfer Quiz and Performance task

April 7 Thurs (AC), April 8 Fri (EGH) — Heat transfer QUIZ

April 12 Tues(A), April 13 Wed (CE), April 14 Thurs (GH) — Heat Transfer Performance Task

Review the following:


Textbook: Motion, Forces, and Energy  pp. 166-193

What’s the difference between Heat and Temperature

Debriefing Heat Vs Temperature stations

Notes for Heat Transfer – Conduction and Convection

Notes for Radiation

Conduction, Convection, Radiation Song  YouTube Preview Image

Heat Transfer notes

Brainpop – Radiation (Electromagnetic spectrum)

Brainpop – Temperature

Brainpop – Heat

Heat Transfer Assessment Practice

Heat Transfer Assessment Practice Answer key

This ‘Find someone who..’  is found on the 2nd to the last slide in the Notes on Radiation

Find someone who…


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May 7 – May 11  HEAT TRANSFER

Introduction to Student Led Conference (Includes the list of activities to choose from, Dialogue Template, and Reflection sheet)   When: Mar 16 (Wed)

HW : 1.) Anticipation Guide DUE: Mar 9/10 AC, Mar 10/11 EGH

2.) SLC Reflection guide Part 2 & 3 and Dialogue  DUE: Mar 10/11

Heat Vs Temperature Stations  Investigation— 2 days to work on this Mar 8/10 A,     Mar 9/10 CE, Mar 9/11 EGH


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Performance Task- Mystery Liquid (Density, Volume)

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You are given 2 days to finish it (Mar 1st Block A) (Mar2 – CE) (Mar3- GH)

Performance task Rubric

Review materials:

Density On-line quiz answers

Displacement/ Volume of an Irregular object song

Click here for Resource List from MSMC

Meniscus Song

Density Song

Regular Solid Objects Song

Other Review Materials:

1) Density of Cylinder Discussion Questions on Classroom (with answers on slideshow in Google drive shared docs folder)

2) Density Notes and Interaction (slideshow) in shared docs folder

3) Displacement / Volume of an Irregular object notes 


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