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Motion and Forces Unit

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Homework for Thur/Fri Nov 26/27:

1) Prepare for individual write-up (in class) of design plan for Burning Rubber(bands) PT  (study relationship between mass, force, and change in motion)

Tues, Dec 1st G/H/A

-Wed, Dec 2nd C/E

2) Optional: bring additional materials for Burning Rubber(bands) PT for next class (Fri = G/H, Tues = A, Wed = C,E)

3) Optional: fill out Science Reassessment Plan (shared folder in Google drive) for retakes of a) Mass Speed Racer Graph b) Water Balloon Rocket Quiz  (please come to tutorial for feedback/help filling out form but get a study plan in place (box 4 on Reassessment plan) ASAP)


Homework for Mon/Tues Nov 23/24:

1) study for quiz (see details below)

2) bring beverage container/lid for Thursday


Homework for Thur/Fri Nov 19/20:

1) Quiz on Motion and Forces Tue, Nov 24 (A,G,H blk) or Wed, Nov 25 (C, E blk)  ****SEE RESOURCES AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST***

2) Finish “Mass Speed Racer Mass” (submit in Google Classroom ASAP (Friday, 20th if possible, otherwise by Monday, 23rd = E blk// Tue 24th  = G,H,A blk // Wed 25th = C blk)

Graph DUE Friday for Blk E,G,H DUE Monday for Blk A,C   ** SCROLL DOWN TO SEE CHECKLIST FOR GRAPH


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.02.44 AM

Homework for Friday, Nov 13:

Quiz on Motion and Forces Tue, Nov 24 (A,G,H blk) or Wed, Nov 25 (C, E blk)

Edit answers for “Force Speed Racer Force” and submit ASAP.

Homework on Thur, Nov 12

Finish “Force Speed Racer Force” (submit in Google Classroom)

– calculate change in motion for each trial

-make graph with line for 5N data and line for 10N data (example in shared folder of Google Drive)

-answer conclusion questions
DUE Fri, Nov 13 for E,G,H              DUE Mon, Nov 16 A,C

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.26.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.48.03 AM


We are starting our second unit of the year! We will be studying forces and changes in motion.  Our focus will be on how we can use innovation to control changes in motion.

Here is the textbook for this unit, which you can get from the 4th floor textbook center (by IT).

motion forces energy bookTitle: Motion, Forces, and Energy by Prentice Hall (Science Explorer series)



1.5 minutes

6 min ( bigger mass)

4 min (bigger force)/NFL  ***when they use the word “impulse”, just think “force”

10.5 min Soaring into Science (measuring speed)

4 min Bill Nye (only 1st law)


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Mass vs. Weight Exploration

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Homework Guideline:

1) Finish Summary/Optional Analysis for Mass vs. Weight Investigation (in Google Classroom- you do NOT need to “submit” or “turn in”)

2) “Measuring Our Force on Different Worlds”(in Google Classroom- “Submit” or “Turn in” before class starts)

DUE Thur, Nov 5 for A,C,G,H  

DUE Fri, Nov 6 for E

Here are some fun  websites you can explore:

1) Brainpop–> “Gravity”    username and password: ismanila

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.12.01 AM

3) (Galileo’s famous ball vs feather experiment)
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